Structured Finance Products

Structured Trade Finance

Structured Trade Finance is a special type of financing and usually associated with large quantities of commodity trading or other high value tradable underlying products. These types of financing are seen as part of the supply chain management and is structured to work around terms agreed in bilateral trading relationships with suppliers.

It is most prevalent within the commodity sector and used by producers, traders, and end-users. The types of financing and security packages vary widely; warehouse financing (stock), borrowing base financing (revolving finance based on underlying assets) and reserve-based lending.

Syndicated and Club Loans

It is loan facilities arranged by arranger bank(s) and provided by two or more lenders under joint documents with similar terms and conditions. Syndicated and club loans have multiple lenders. It is widely used when the total financing package needed by the company is at an amount that a single bank cannot meet on its own. The structure where certain banks are underwriting the total financing package is called "Syndication Loan", and structure without any bank underwriting but several banks providing the total financing under the same conditions is called "Club Loan". Important elements in Syndication and Club Loans are one or two Financial İnstitution(s) arranging the loan facility and leading the consortium while the Lenders execute the same set of credit documents.

Project Finance

Project finance loans do not focus on the sponsors’ corporate needs, but on the financing needs arising from the project itself i.e. greenfield or brownfield investments, acquisitions or mergers, or ventures such as asset purchases, and the cash flow from these projects.

The purpose of the project financing is to ensure that the loan is repaid in accordance with the cash flow to be created by the project and to create a financing structure in which only the project assets are considered as collateral for the loan provided, not the current assets of the sponsor.

Capital Market Instruments

These are the instruments that Capital Markets Board (CMB) allows companies to utilize to raise financing through capital markets and act as debtors or issuers. These instruments are corporate bonds, convertible and exchangeable bonds, and precious metal bonds.

Lease Certificate (Sukuk)
Asset Backed Securities (ABS)
Asset Guaranteed Securities (AGS)


Murabaha means “to sell goods on deferred basis with profit". Access to Murabaha transactions is possible through participation banks and investment banks in Turkey. Murabaha structure is formed under the final sale contract which is based on the principle that the goods are usually bought in cash and sold to the customer on a deferred basis with certain profit. Relevant financial institutions, with their Murabaha structures, facilitates this trade and purchase the underlying goods on the back of the customers commitment to buy it with agreed term in the future. In terms of Islamic banking, it is one of the most preferred structures for trade finance.

ECA-Guaranteed Loans

Export Credit Institutions (eg Hermes, Coface, Sace, etc.) that provide insurance or loans facilities in order to encourage exporters of investment goods in their countries gives importers of subject goods access to medium and long-term loan facilities . Country loans can be provided to companies through a local bank or financial institution for all kinds of investment goods.

Private Placement

The loan extended for the financing of the domestic or foreign operations of companies, by domestic or foreign financial institutions, investors and special funds. It can be arranged under a tailor-made structure to meet the needs of the companies.

Financial Advisory

Financial advisory services are to respond the companies' financial, financing and debt-equity optimization needs and include; stock financing, receivables and supply management, working capital optimization, debt base diversification, debt refinancing, club loan adjusting and acquisition financing.

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