Loan Products

Revolving Loans

Revolving loans allow to withdraw any amount of money and repay all or part of the loan at any time, as long as it stays within the specified tenor and limits. Interest rate of this loan is floating and can change as per market conditions.

Spot Loans

These are the loan facilities where the entire loan amount is utilized and is fully repaid at the maturity date. Interest rate and maturity date are determined on the utilization date cannot be changed either by the bank or borrower. Interest rate of spot loans are fixed so are not affected by market conditions.

Foreign Currency Loans

Foreign currency loan is a type of loan extended to companies that carry out foreign exchange earning activities and whose sales and deliveries are considered as exports, on condition that fulfillment their export commitments. Utilizations of these loans are subject to specific regulations. It can be utilized both at floating and fixed rate.

Discount Loans

Discount Loans is a loan product that allows to cash out checks and bills linked to commercial transactions. Interest is paid at utilization thus are not affected by market conditions.

Eximbank Loans

In order to develop exports and to provide cheaper financing to the exporter, Various loan packages extended by Turkish Export Credit Bank A.Ş. (Turk Eximbank) are made available to exporters and in return for their export commitments through banks.

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